Amr Singh is a South African
film director, & co-founder of FORT.

Born and raised in South Africa, Amr Singh is a director who has established a distinct style, perspective and approach to his work.

A storyteller at heart, Amr’s career didn’t start at film school, but rather at the  University of Cape Town, where he graduated with a degree in Social Anthropology. It’s not difficult to see how Amr’s early interest in the patterns of human behaviour and cultures has played a role in the cinematic worlds and stories that he crafts today.

A deeply thoughtful and considered director, Amr’s work is characterised by striking imagery, and authentic performances, with an acute appreciation for narrative structure.

Having worked with some of the top creative agencies and brands in the world, Amr’s resumé extends to Hollywood, directing A-listers including Kevin Hart. Globally awarded, Amr’s work has garnered critical acclaim in LA, Rome, London and Bali, as well as recognition from SHOTS YDA, the coveted Van Gough Award at the Amsterdam International Film Festival, and a Gold Craft for Directing from the Promax Awards.

Amr’s energy and passion for the task at hand has built a reputation of being a great collaborator with the ability to find the right approach to every brief.

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 Amr Singh joins Sequoia Content

 Amr Singh joins Sequoia Content




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